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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say about us:

“Consultant was very helpful, polite and friendly!”

“We had to make various calls regarding the completion as we were in lockdown. Nothing was too much trouble for Laura”

“The service and help I received was very good”

If you want comprehensive protection of your estate for your loved ones, you need a Will that has been properly drafted by a STEP Qualified Will Writing Professional.

If you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Will has been professionally drafted, you should choose Estate Planning Made Simple in Arundel.

Our expert advisers have STEP Advanced Will Writing Qualifications, recognised as the Gold Standard in the profession that many general solicitors aspire to earn, ensuring that you can safely and accurately protect your estate, that your wishes are respected, and that your loved ones are looked after when you’re no longer around.

Unlike many Solicitors, Banks and other Will Writing Services, we comply with the STEP Will Writing Code to create a legally binding document that ensures your wishes are correctly recorded in accordance with the highest professional standards.

To ensure that you get your Will drafted exactly the way you need, we’ll give you expert impartial advice in a free consultation online, over the phone, or in the comfort of your own home – you choose what’s right for you. And we can work as fast as you need us to.

Once you have instructed us, a dedicated member of our expert team will draft your Will for you, get it to you for checking within 48 hours and then guide you through the signing process to ensure that it is legally binding.

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Here’s what the owners of Estate Planning Made Simple in Arundel say

“Here at Estate Planning Made Simple we’re different because all of our advisers hold the coveted STEP Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation. That’s the benchmark that separates a professional Will-Writing expert from the unqualified commission only salesmen employed by so many firms, who may have only had a day or two of questionable in-house training before being let loose on an unsuspecting public.

Our clients are looking for the peace of mind that comes from having their Will professionally drafted by a qualified expert. They are wary of the serious risks often associated with the cheap or free Will offers that are advertised online – which might not be legally binding, often contain errors and may cost a lot more in the long run.

Unfortunately, as the law stands, there’s nothing to stop anyone from setting themselves up and offering to write your Will for a fee, even if they’ve had no training whatsoever. You wouldn’t risk your health to an unqualified cowboy, so why risk your wealth to one?

We offer a free no-nonsense consultation over the phone, by video-conference or in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you and pride ourselves on our clear jargon-free language and friendly and comprehensive advice on all aspects of planning to protect the people you love, however complex or straightforward your circumstances.

We all experience life-changing events. Some bring us great happiness. Others bring deep sadness.

Whether you’re planning your wedding, starting a family, moving home, coming to terms with bad news, or just at the point where you want to get everything in order, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to guide you through the legal maze and would love the opportunity to help you protect you and your family.”

Why get your Will Professionally Drafted by us rather than risk an online service?

As STEP Qualified Will Writers in Arundel, using us means your Will is prepared and legally validated to the highest professional standards. Free or cheap Wills often contain errors that may render your Will invalid or leave your assets unprotected from falling into the wrong hands. Or they’re just too basic and not comprehensive enough to protect your family from all the potential problems that life can throw at you.

We don’t ask you to write your own Will online and then charge you to check it like some firms do! Our fee includes comprehensive expert advice, professional drafting, and full legal validation and support. We offer outstanding service and guaranteed value for money.

Why risk losing everything you’ve worked for just trying to save a few pounds? Don’t make an expensive mistake!

Ask yourself these important questions?
  • If your spouse remarried after your death, would you want their new partner to inherit your estate instead of your children?
  • If one of your children divorced after your death, would you want them to lose a large part of their inheritance in the divorce settlement?
  • If one of your children remarried after your death, would you want your grandchildren to be disinherited with your estate being passed to step-grandchildren instead?
  • If you became ill and went into care, would you want almost everything you have to be at risk of being taken, including your home and savings?
  • Would you want up to 40% of your estate to be taken by the Taxman when it is passed down from your Children to your Grandchildren?
  • If you became ill and lost mental capacity, would you want the State to take control of your finances and make decisions about your care instead of your family or trusted friends?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions, you need to talk to US today. Don’t risk using a cheap online Will service or an unqualified Will-Writing firm. Get the correct advice to protect your family properly!

Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose Estate Planning Made Simple when you need your Will written.

Expert STEP Qualified Will Writing Advice:

Our clients are our priority and there is always a real and caring person with STEP Qualified expert knowledge waiting to help you.

Get your Will in as little as 48 hours:

We can work as fast as you need us to – our standard service includes preparation of your Will within 48 hours of receiving your instruction. No waiting weeks or months from a Will-writing bucket shop!

Your privacy guaranteed:

We take your privacy seriously. We will never sell your data, and our world-class security ensures your Will is completely confidential.

Our Services

Expert advice and outstanding service at an unbeatable price!

Comprehensive Will Writing Service

At the most basic level, your Will is a legal document that tells everyone what you want to happen to your ‘estate’ – a term that encompasses your money, possessions and property –after you die.

A Will makes it much easier for your family or friends, saving them time and unnecessary stress at a difficult time, especially if you have children or other family who depend on you financially.

Without a correctly drafted Will your assets could easily end up in the wrong hands. We will assess your circumstances and what you wish to achieve and then advise you on the best and safest way to protect your loved ones..

Lasting Power of Attorney

Just imagine how your Spouse, Children or other family (those closest to you) would feel if you were involved in an accident or developed an illness such as a stroke or dementia that resulted in a loss of mental capacity and they were powerless to do anything to help you.

An LPA is a legal document that lets you appoint one or more people (known as an ‘attorney’) to make decisions on your behalf, if you are no longer able to do so.

It’s essential to have this in place in case you have an accident or an illness that results in a lack of mental capacity and you being unable to make your own decisions. Strict rules prevent you or someone you trust making decisions without one if you lose mental capacity.

You can give Your chosen attorney(s) the power to make decisions about managing your bank or building society accounts, pay your bills, handle your benefits and pensions, and safeguard your property if you are no longer able to make them for yourself.

Without a correctly drafted Lasting Power of Attorney in place, your family would be unable to act on your behalf and the Courts would take control of your affairs.

We will advise you on the best way to structure your LPA to ensure that it offers the most protection and greatest flexibility if it is needed in the future.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax can cost your beneficiaries huge amounts of cash when you die – potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds. In some cases, without proper planning, the Taxman can be the biggest beneficiary of an estate.

But there are legal planning options that can minimise the tax paid or avoid it completely. That’s why it’s often described as a voluntary tax.

Even if your estate is below the inheritance tax threshold it is important to consider how a legacy impacts the estate of your beneficiaries. Leaving things in the wrong way can often create inheritance tax bills that could easily be avoided.

Our experts can guide you through your options when it comes to avoiding inheritance tax.

Business Succession Planning

Many business owners do not have a clear plan in place in the sad event that they become ill or die. This can often cause business failure or at the very least uncertainty and severe disruption to staff, customers and suppliers with bank accounts being frozen or closed.

But by working with Estate Planning Made Simple, company owners can develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that the business continues to trade smoothly by taking measures to ensure trading continuity and access to cashflow during the difficult transition period.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Call us for a brief initial chat with no obligation

Simply call or complete the online form today and we will talk you through your options and give you free advice – with no obligation.

Step 2

We’ll call or visit you for a more detailed FREE advice and guidance consultation

Once we’ve explained all your options, and you’ve given us the go-ahead, we will send you a confirmation email followed by a comprehensive draft for approval.

Step 3

Legal validation

Your approved Will is then bound ready for your signature. We will support you fully through the signing process. We always make stringent checks to ensure everything is signed and witnessed correctly and is legally binding.

Your questions answered

We often get asked questions about our advanced Will Writing services. Here are a few of the most frequently asked: